My Favorite Authors and Books

     There’s more than a few authors I return to time and again for inspiration, so let me start with one of the rawest and most unapologetic amongst them. Cormac McCarthy has a style all his own. His brilliant prose splays the human dynamic out in all it grizzly glory and lets the reader decide for himself what the true nature of man is. I return to his cannon often to refill my wonder at how honest a writer can really be.

     The most impactful book I've read to this day is without a doubt Walden by Henry David Thoreau. The moment I learned that the quality of the education Thoreau received in nature surpassed that of the learning he garnered at Harvard, I was hooked and forever changed by the profound truth of his findings on Walden Pond.



Hugh Howey​

The Sci-fi genre has always been a place of impossible imagination and escapism - even if many of the tableau landscapes escaped to are horrid and the last place you'd want to be. Hugh Howey's Wool Series is one of those homesteads I've disappeared to time and again.

Howey's style is close and tight without becoming campy and embraces a sparse future, drawing on timeless characterizations and a near steampunk aesthetic.  

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