A few paragraphs from my recent manuscript:

Confidence Men: Chapter 4

        “The room filled with a thick tangible dread and our group sat supplicated and powerless breathing it in, realizing the extremes to which our diluted ‘Mr. Fox’ had gone to bring us here. The door opened again, but this time with a deafening “CLANG!”  The echo alone rummaged around the room and our heads with enough force to make us all flinch.  The Mr. Fox of subtle brevity was gone and the Mr. Fox that plowed into the room now was possessed, screaming in some strange tongue at the helpless person he dragged in tow, masked and cloaked.  “You watchin’?  You watchin’ this little bois?”  This is your lovelies, if I find meself crossed!”  Mr. Fox placed his prisoner, a rather large male by the look of him, dead center in front of us and hurried over to grab a thick metal pipe from the corner of the room.  Without hesitation, Mr. Fox strode briskly at his dummy and swung his weapon at the man’s shinbone like Babe Ruth swinging for the stands. We all instinctively turned our heads at the contact.  The sound of the crack enunciated in the room like a baseball bat broken on a tree trunk.  While the sound echoed again and again, ‘the Company Man’ met my eyes briefly, then promptly threw up next to his chair.  The masked victim yelped in agony between gasps for breath as he convulsed on the floor.  I was the first to return Mr. Fox’s stare, my lips pursed with disgust.  He snapped his head at me and grinned, but this time I knew it wasn’t planned…he was happy.”